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Police to be out in force in Naples

Posted on April 16, 2019 by Harry Kettle

If we’ve learned one thing over the course of the last few decades in the world of football, it’s that remaining as safe as you possibly can be is one of the most important aspects of the game. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a player, a media member or a fan, because one way or another, that should be the main priority. We aren’t suggesting you can’t have fun at the same time, but what we are saying is that you need to be reasonable about it.

Pointless problems

As such, we’re pretty happy with the reports doing the rounds that suggest Arsenal are going to be safeguarded by more than 800 Italian police amid worries that there could be an attack of some sort levelled in the direction of the Gunners fans. Liverpool and Manchester City have both endured incidents at the hands of the Napoli faithful, with this being a step in the right direction to ensure things go smoothly.

In terms of the game itself, it certainly seems like Arsenal are the ones in a position of power – contrary to what some fans would probably have you believe. Even with that, though, there seems to be this general fear amongst Arsenal fans that they’re going to mess it up. That’s probably more prevalent in the fans that are actually going to make the trip over to Italy, mainly because they’re taking the time to actually follow their side around Europe.

Doing the right thing

We’re excited for the fans that are going to head out there, because they should be able to enjoy Naples for all the reasons you’d expect someone to enjoy Naples. The food, the drink (a responsible amount) and the sights. What’s not to love? It’s such a shame that we’re in a society where these measures are still put into place, and all because of a small group of ‘ultras’ who consider it cool to try and cause mischief.

We all know that it just comes across as them being incredibly sad, but we wouldn’t want to hurt their feelings or make them cry by insinuating that too hard.

All we can hope for is that the fans heading out there stay safe, and that the non-idiotic Napoli fans welcome them to their city with open arms.

When you go to a European away day, do you ever feel nervous or unsure about your safety?

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