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Pochettino leaves & Mourinho joins Tottenham

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Harry Kettle

He was a thorn in the side of Arsenal from across London with Chelsea, and now, he’ll be much closer to home as Jose Mourinho has joined Tottenham Hotspur as the club’s new manager. The move comes in the immediate aftermath of Mauricio Pochettino receiving the sack which, in itself, was considered to be a bit of a shocker.

Mourinho will be taking on his first job since being sacked by Manchester United last year, having taken time out of the game in order to reflect on what his next move should be. Now, we know what that move is, as bizarre as it may be in the eyes of some.

“What can I promise? Passion, real passion. Passion for my job, but also passion for my club, that’s the way I have been all my career and I want to try, obviously, everything to bring happiness to everyone who loves the club.”

“Even as an opponent, there was always huge respect between me and the club,” added Mourinho. “I met you in cup finals, in semi-finals, in big matches and to keep that respect was probably in the back of my mind that one day I could be one of you.”

“It’s a privilege when a manager goes to a club and feels that happiness in relation to the squad he is going to have,” he said.

“It didn’t happen many times. To be honest, the majority of the times we go to clubs and we always think ‘we like some, I don’t like enough’ and you think immediately about what to do to change, what to do to make an approach between your ideas and the profile of the players.

“This is a completely different case. I really like this squad.”

Arsenal fans will be happy to see Pochettino leave purely because, quite clearly, he helped to turn Spurs into the number one club in North London. Now, though, some wonder whether or not that reign of tyranny from Tottenham will continue given Mourinho’s tendency to make a strong first impression whenever he joins a new club.

It’s going to be an interesting ride regardless of which way you look at it, and it’s also going to be an absolute battle for Jose to make a real impact at the club. Still, it’s certainly worth talking about as Arsenal prepare for the next chapter of this rivalry.

How do you feel about Mourinho heading to North London?

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