Pires' misguided Vieira statement

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Pires’ misguided Vieira statement

Posted on May 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

A lot of people have been throwing around some ideas regarding who should take over from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s next manager. A handful of suggestions have been plausible, whereas some others have been a little bit ridiculous – and as reported by Sky Sports, Arsenal legend Robert Pires has a suggestion that we believe falls into the latter category.

“We talk about Allegri, Ancelotti, Luis Enrique… My two friends Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta too. I don’t know who the next manager is for Arsenal but they need to find the right philosophy.

“Patrick has a very good profile to replace Arsene Wenger. He spent nine seasons at Arsenal so he knows the club and the fans. I know some fans want to see him on the bench too.”

While we completely appreciate that Pires spent many years playing with Vieira at Arsenal and that he does indeed know the fans and understands the club, there’s so much more to it than that. This whole scenario of the Gunners finding a new boss could turn ugly very, very quickly, and that wouldn’t be an understatement. As we’ve seen in the past, bringing in a fan favourite to try and steady the ship is the definition of a risky move – especially when they’ve only been in management for a few years.

There’s no denying that bringing Vieira in would be an emotional decision as opposed to a logical one, at least in our mind. While he’s managed to find success with New York City FC in the States, let’s not pretend like the two clubs are even remotely comparable. Vieira has been given the chance to succeed in a league which, in many ways, doesn’t hold a candle to the Premier League. The Frenchman has been able to build up his reputation as well as his confidence, but that still doesn’t warrant a move to the Emirates.

If he is able to continue down this path for a few more years and is then able to make the transition over to Europe, then it may be a little bit more viable. Not everyone can have an experience like Zinedine Zidane, who has had the benefit of a world-class squad with Real Madrid. The Gunners are capable of building something special but they aren’t there yet, and Robert Pires should recognise that these type of experiments don’t always work out for the better. Just ask Alan Shearer.

Do you agree with Robert Pires?

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