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One more week to go

Posted on September 09, 2019 by Harry Kettle

It’s the start of a brand new week and that tends to mean that the majority of us are heading back to work, both in an environment we enjoy and potentially in an environment we don’t. One thing that we know to be the case, though, is that domestic football will be returning to our screens this weekend – with Arsenal getting the chance to return on Sunday when they go head to head with Watford.

Time to chill

The international break is often a source of great frustration for fans up and down the country, and rightfully so. A lot of us will plan our weeks around where the Gunners are playing next and what time they’re going to be on the tele, and while the international break can serve as a good distraction from all that chaos, not everyone likes to see it that way – or is even able to see it that way.

There are certainly methods that can be utilised in order to make the whole process a little bit less stressful, but either way, it shouldn’t be stressful at all. You should be able to get a whole lot of other things done in the absence of the beautiful game, even if those things include sitting in front of your television and watching the international games as a way to pass the time.

Having fun with it all

We actually tend to look at the break a little bit differently, because while it is two weeks off for most clubs, that seems like quite a broad way of describing it. In our own minds, there’s only one weekend in which domestic football isn’t happening, and that weekend could therefore be wide open for a series of other activities. Plus, if you keep an eye on the internationals, it should give you a pretty good edge with things like fantasy football.

That’s the nerd in us coming out to play, but you get the point. Unai Emery will be hard at work planning for what is bound to be a tough game against the Hornets, despite the fact that they’ve experienced a great deal of change within the last few months. Arsenal have been there for the taking away from home more times than we care to remember in the last few years, and it’s about time that we send a message.

How have you spent your international break so far?

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