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On This Day In 2004: Arsenal extend unbeaten run

Posted on October 16, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The saying goes that football is a beautiful game and it deserves to be played beautifully, and 15 years ago, that was exactly what we were seeing on a week to week basis at Highbury. Arsenal put together a sensational run that left them being dubbed ‘The Invincibles’, and it’s something which actually wound up filtering into the season after they won the title. They went on a phenomenal streak that allowed them to go 49 games unbeaten, which the last of those 49 games coming on this day 14 years ago.

The unstoppable Arsenal

Arsenal defeated Aston Villa 3-1, and while the game itself was entertaining, it’s worth thinking about what it would take to get back to that point again. The Gunners are currently on nine games unbeaten in all competitions and even that feels like something of a minor miracle, especially given where they were at just a mere few years ago – if not months.

As we all know the 50th game saw them lose to Manchester United in controversial fashion, but when looking back, it feels like Arsenal fans are using the controversy surrounding it all as more of an excuse than anything else. Sure, it would’ve been great to see the run continue for a long, long time, but that isn’t always how these things work.

A look ahead

So now, in the present day, we’re interested to see how far Unai Emery can take this current crop of Gunners stars. The quality may not be the same in some areas but the point stands – because the future seems much more exciting than it once did under the reign of Arsene Wenger.

We’re fascinated by the 49 game unbeaten run and one day it’d be worth running through every single game individually because it truly does feel like something that won’t be replicated for a good long while. Even if it is the atmosphere and the feeling around the club at the time was on a whole other level, and for that, we can only applaud what they were able to achieve back then.

Although, in truth, it does say a lot about how far we’ve come that we’d just take a title challenge at all at this point – because, given the circumstances, that would probably be viewed as a success.

What is your favourite memory from Arsenal’s 49 game unbeaten run in the Premier League?

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