On This Day: Arsenal defeat Middlesbrough

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On This Day: Arsenal defeat Middlesbrough

Posted on April 17, 2018 by Harry Kettle

It’s always fun to take a look back on years gone by, especially when it comes to Arsenal. While the last few years have been questionable, the Gunners are largely considered to be one of the most successful English clubs of the modern era. As such, they’ve been involved in some fascinating matches, with this clash against Middlesbrough from twelve months ago being one of them.

Minus their Europa League adventure, Arsenal largely found themselves in the same kind of situation that they do right now. They were in search of a place in the top four, although with just a handful of games remaining, it was starting to look more and more unrealistic. Thankfully their fans always like to dream big until the possible becomes implausible, which made this win all the more exciting.

At the time they were seven points off the pace of Manchester City in fourth with a game in hand, and it was all systems heading into the final stages of the campaign. It was almost as if you could feel the Wenger system starting to break down, and while not much has changed since that day, their chances were slightly more promising back then in comparison to today.

The first half was very paint by numbers for a Boro Premier League clash in 2017, with no real chances to speak of from either side. That was, of course, until the superstar himself Alexis Sanchez netted a remarkable free-kick to remind the world why he’s considered to be such a hot commodity.

Alas, Boro weren’t going to go down without a fight, as Alvaro Negredo hammered in a lovely volley following a cross from veteran Stewart Downing. It was a tight affair as Middlesbrough desperately tried to fight for their Premier League survival, but the Gunners always had another trick up their sleeve.

Mesut Ozil slotted home what proved to be the winner at the near post, giving them just their third victory in nine Premier League games. It looked as if the focus may be turning to the FA Cup once again, so it was a big relief for fans to see that Wenger was still able to pull this kind of performance out of his squad.

What was your favourite league moment from last season?

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