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Not playing Manchester City

Posted on October 18, 2022 by Harry Kettle

Who knew the passing of the Queen could have such a knock-on effect in the world of football?

This week, Arsenal were supposed to be preparing for a showdown with Manchester City in a 1st vs 2nd battle. Instead, though, due to their Europa League game against PSV Eindhoven being postponed a few weeks back, they’ll be catching up with that fixture instead.

In addition to giving Arsenal a chance to stretch their legs even further in the Europa League, we also think this benefits them in the title race.

While you could argue Manchester City will serve as a wounded animal after their defeat to Liverpool, you could also say their ability to bounce back from defeats is better than any other club in the Premier League – and perhaps even world football.

Arsenal are four points clear in the title race (yes, we said it) and with clashes against Southampton and Nottingham Forest on the horizon, there’s a good chance they could add to that lead if City slip up against Brighton or Leicester.

The game will be kicked down the road either way and it’ll take some time for the league to rearrange it, and Arsenal need to do everything they can to surge forward even further before getting to that encounter.

We can see the other side of the coin, but we think this is a positive.

Are you happy the game against Manchester City got postponed?

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