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No positives to take from Arsenal’s hammering at Liverpool

Posted on August 28, 2017 by David Nugent

Arsenal’s 4-0 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday should not have surprised anybody really. For years Arsenal have produced the same sort of inept performances, no matter the opponents.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is taking a lot of stick at the moment. Yes, he made some frankly bizarre selection decisions and his man-management is questionable. Wenger signs the players and gives the players tactical instructions. He must take some of the blame.

However, the players must take a long hard look at themselves, simply because of a terrible attitude and almost disdain for the fans. The Gunners players have been accused of lacking bottle in the past and yesterday’s performance was simply spineless. However, Arsenal fans have seen it all before with the Gunners in recent years.

The first goal at Anfield was a joke. Midfielder Aaron Ramsey turned his back on the game and was not even aware of the ball’s position. When he did know where the ball was, he seemed to saunter back and failed to help his teammates out.

That was just one of a catalogue of errors by Arsenal players. Ramsey is not the only one that deserves criticism. The likes of Mesut Ozil, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez might as well not been on the pitch.

At this moment in time, it would not be a disaster if the trio headed for the Arsenal exit door before the transfer window shut. They showed no desire or willingness to play for the team.

Striker Danny Welbeck comes in for a lot of stick and probably is not good enough to play for Arsenal. Not as a regular, but at least he tried, even if it was hopeless toil. Quite why Welbeck started in place of Alexandre Lacazette only Wenger knows.

Then there is the pathetic defensive set-up. Who actually believes that Nacho Monreal is a centre-back? He is a decent left-back and should not be playing as a centre-back.

Youngster Rob Holding looked out of his depth at Anfield. All I can see is that his more experienced teammates failed to help his cause. He does have potential and he needs to learn. I hope that he will not pick up any bad habits from his teammates.

Sunday’s was a truly rancid display by Arsenal. Unfortunately, the display was an all too familiar for Gunners fans. At this rate, Arsenal’s odds of 5/4 to finish in the top-four this season look very generous indeed.

What was the worst aspect of Arsenal’s defeat at Liverpool?

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