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No-nonsense Emery

Posted on June 07, 2018 by Harry Kettle

One of the most important things you can do when you enter a new job is to make a strong first impression, one way or another. When it comes to being a football manager that couldn’t be any more accurate because the pressure associated with any given job means that you’re always going to be viewed under a microscope. With Unai Emery, however, that pressure is multiplied x1000 courtesy of the fact that he’s taking over from Arsene Wenger as the new manager of Arsenal Football Club.

While the Gunners haven’t exactly experienced too much joy in comparison to misery over the course of the last few years, that doesn’t erase the time stamp associated with the Frenchman’s tenure at the club. No matter how many different ways you spin it, Wenger was in charge for more than two decades – and stepping into someone’s shoes like that is a daunting prospect.

Is this going to be as difficult as following Sir Alex Ferguson? Of course not. Despite that, it feels like Emery is treating this job as if it’s equally as important, which is the best possible thing he could do. As you’ve probably guessed by the title there’s one very specific aspect of Emery’s first few weeks that we’ve enjoyed, and that’s his no-nonsense attitude towards the role.

As opposed to letting things linger and drag out over the course of weeks and months, like Wenger used to do, the Spaniard wants to get things done as quickly as possible in order for him to do his job to the best of his abilities. The Wilshere and Ramsey contract situations are on the verge of being resolved, Stephan Lichtsteiner has already been brought in, and it feels like his number one priority is fixing the defence – which is something that Arsene seemed to neglect towards the end of his time in North London.

There’s nothing pretty or elaborate about what Emery is doing because all he’s doing is his job. While the Gunners have been so used to playing attractive football, he’s focusing on bringing in players who are going to steady the ship and help Arsenal to rise back up to the title picture. The likes of Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and potentially N’Zonzi could prove to be the first signs of a new direction for this football club, and that’s exciting.

What do you think of Unai Emery’s first few weeks in charge?

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