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Monreal set for contract talks

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal defender Nacho Monreal is reportedly set for contract talks with the club, amid speculation over his future. In the last few days it’s been said in the media that Barcelona are willing to discuss the possibility of bringing him to the Nou Camp as a back up defender. As much as that seems like a random move on the face of it, this is certainly not an ‘unknown’ thing that we haven’t seen before.

Nothing new

Barca have always liked plucking veteran players from around Europe for the last few years of their career, and while you could see that as ‘charity’ or something along those lines, the players always seem to get a pretty good swing of things considering they’re supposed to be in a back up role.

Monreal has certainly paid his dues so to speak throughout the course of his career, and at 32, this will almost certainly be one of the last moves he makes before he finally hangs up his boots. Still, if the reports are true in regards to Arsenal wanting to do their own talks with the player then it would seem as if this is the kick up the back side they needed, which, unfortunately, is also pretty common when it comes to negotiating over a new contract.

The journey

Monreal kicked off his professional career with Osasuna before making the switch over to Malaga, and after two years with the Spanish club, he left for the Emirates back in 2013 where he has been ever since. While he’s certainly had his ‘moments’, both good and bad, a lot of fans probably wouldn’t have pinpointed him as someone who was on the radar of a club like Barca. Still, he’s got the experience of playing over there, and it’s not like he’d be playing on a week to week basis.

If he does secure a new deal with Arsenal then it’d be a huge sign of intent from Unai Emery, indicating that he isn’t going to quietly allow the likes of Barca to bully him into selling some big names. Again, Nacho may not be viewed as a big name by some fans, but the guy has made over 200 appearances for the Gunners and deserves to be respected for that. Now, all we have to do is wait and see how this transpires – which is always fun.

Should Monreal leave for Barcelona?

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