Mohamed Elneny's red card is overturned

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Mohamed Elneny’s red card is overturned

Posted on April 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal fans out there will be happy to know that justice has been served, as BBC Sport reports that midfielder Mohamed Elneny’s red card has been overturned following an appeal.

In what is probably one of the quickest returns from an appeal in Premier League history, the Premier League confirmed that the Egyptian’s dismissal was “wrong” for what was judged to be violent conduct. The 25-year-old was sent to a not so early shower in injury time, with the incident stemming from a confrontation with Southampton defender Cedric.

The card made no real difference to the result, in what was one of the wildest games of Arsenal’s season to date – which is saying something. The Gunners battled back and forth with relegation contenders Southampton, in a match-up that closely resembled their encounter against Stoke City in more ways than one.

Elneny played a solid enough role in the game, but he continues to feel like he’s just kind of ‘there’. The overturned red means that he’ll be available for selection in the Premier League moving forward, but for some reason, Arsenal fans still don’t really appreciate what he does for the team – which is essentially why we’re dubbing him as a player who just sort of exists.

When compared to Jack Wilshere many will automatically assume that the Englishman is the better player, when in reality, Jack hasn’t had a solid game in what feels like forever. The uncertainty surrounding his future seems to finally be getting to him on the pitch, and while Elneny has hardly set the world on fire, he’s put in a decent enough shift since coming into the first team.

There’s no doubting that the red card itself was ludicrous, but if he continues to not be awarded any kind of respect in the first team, Arsene Wenger could be facing a scenario where Elneny joins the supposed exodus of central midfielders from the Emirates.

Elneny will be hoping to play a big role for Egypt in this summer’s 2018 FIFA World Cup, but while the red card was a ridiculous decision on the referee’s part, he can’t afford to have too many more notable incidents or else it could wind up costing him big time.

Is Elneny one of Arsenal’s most underrated players?

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