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Method behind the madness?

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There’s not much more than needs to be said when it comes to Arsenal’s actual start to the season, because it’s there for everyone to see. They were outplayed by better sides in the first two games and narrowly edged past three that they should be beating easily. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Regardless, it’s interesting to note the direction they’re trending in as a club – even though we want to focus on one position above all the others – and that’s the goalkeeper.

The big worry

Right now Petr Cech is enjoying what will likely be his final run in the Arsenal first team. We aren’t saying that to be mean and we aren’t saying that to put him down – we’re purely saying that because it’s what seems to be the case, that’s all. He hasn’t made any catastrophic mistakes but Arsenal fans have been waiting for it all season long and that’s just a fact. So then, when you take all that into consideration, it becomes a little bit baffling and slightly worrying, that we haven’t seen Bernd Leno being given a chance yet.

The first theory that we can think of is based on respect, and if that’s the case, we aren’t all too pleased about it. We can appreciate that the Gunners enjoy a good nostalgia act every now and again and we can certainly appreciate what Cech has done in English football, but there’s a time and a place for honouring him. We shouldn’t be giving the guy a place in the starting line-up based on that and that alone.

What’s the issue?

The second theory, which is more worrying than anything else, is that Bernd Leno is struggling to make an impact in training. That isn’t all too hard t believe given that he’s still relatively young and is developing as a goalkeeper, but more often than not, these issues shine through on the pitch itself as opposed to in training. It might only be a temporary thing to do with his confidence, but we have to question how long it’ll last because Cech is on his last legs, and a mistake is coming.

Whatever the case may be we can still be happy that Arsenal are consistently winning games, but how long will that continue?

Who should be starting in goal – Petr Cech or Bernd Leno?

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