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Maybe it is time for Jack Wilshere to leave Arsenal

Posted on April 19, 2018 by David Nugent

As one of my colleagues reported earlier, it looks like England midfielder Jack Wilshere could leave Arsenal on a permanent basis this summer. The reported news has been met by a mixed reaction from Arsenal fans.

The reason for their mixed reaction is that they just do not know what to make of Jack Wilshere. I have to admit I am in the same boat.

The midfielder’s contract expires this summer and he wants to stay at the club. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has stated that he wants him to stay at the club too. He has been offered a new contract, but reportedly, he will have to take a pay cut to stay with the north London club. It seems

Blows hot and cold

Jack Wilshere has been a promising talent for a decade now. The problem is he blows so hot and cold. One game he looks like a player that can take a game by the scruff of the neck, the next he looks like he would not be out of place in the non-leagues.

He is such a frustrating player to have at your club. If he is not injured, he is flattering to deceive when he is on the pitch.

Wilshere has been poor of late for the Gunners after a decent run of form in midfield. If that is what Wilshere is going to produce for the rest of his career then maybe he is better off elsewhere.

In-demand elsewhere

Wilshere certainly would not have a shortage of teams willing to sign him on a free transfer this summer. Teams would gamble on the midfielder actually fulfilling his potential at some point in his career.

Maybe he will and maybe he won’t, that is the problem with players who get hyped up from a young age, they sometimes don’t live up to their potential.

The likes of Everton and Wolves reportedly willing to give Wilshere big wages due to there being no fee involved. Good luck with that.

Needs to leave his comfort zone

Arsenal is like comfort zone city for players. Players can just not progress, but if they are loyal to Wenger, they are picked and given new contracts. They have to do little to impress to stay at the north London club.

Jack Wilshere maybe needs to get out of his comfort zone of Arsenal. Last season spent at Bournemouth was not a great success, but maybe if he cuts ties with the Gunners completely he can get his head down and carve out a decent career for himself.

Should Arsenal be trying harder to keep Jack Wilshere?

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