Could Max Meyer be a game changer for Arsenal?

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Could Max Meyer be a game changer for Arsenal?

Posted on March 29, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal have already been linked with everyone under the sun in the build-up to this summer’s transfer window, which must be both an exciting and daunting reality for Gunners fans to face. One way or another we’re going to see some interesting movements in what could be Arsene Wenger’s final full summer as manager at the club and one of the biggest possible signings they could make is the one that possesses the most potential – Max Meyer.

Vital signing

The 22-year-old Schalke midfielder has been linked with a move away from Germany for a long time now, and it appears as if he’s finally at the age whereby this could become a reality. According to Football.London, the sporting director at Schalke has already resigned himself to Meyer leaving in the window, opening the door for Wenger to come in and prove to Meyer why North London should be his new home moving forward.

We’ve spoken in the last few days about how Arsenal can’t allow themselves to be bullied out of securing players they desperately need, and that thought process applies here. Meyer is going to be a hot commodity around Europe, and Wenger has shown in the past that he can lure certain individuals to the club out of nowhere: but when they’re linked to the Gunners for a long period of time, they can tend to slip through his fingers.

Future superstar

In terms of what he can provide the team on the pitch, there really isn’t a way to put into words just how effective Meyer could prove to be. German stars almost always find success when they head over to England, especially when they’re a keeper, defender or midfielder, and Meyer falls into that category. He has a poise and intelligence to his game which you rarely see in somebody that young, and when you look at how often Arsenal have crumbled under the pressure in the last few years, it becomes clear that his influence could be key to their revival in 2018/19.

As the calming presence in the middle of the park, Arsenal could run their entire game through Meyer. Obviously, there can’t be too much pressure placed on his shoulders or there is always the possibility he’d crumble, but if they could keep hold of Wilshere and put those two together, magic could happen. First things first, though, they need to get the deal done.

Back on the pitch, Arsenal will return to Premier League action this weekend against Stoke, and their odds are currently 2/7 to pick up a victory with bet365.

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