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Martinelli confident ahead of Arsenal return

Posted on October 13, 2020 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal have enjoyed a solid start to the season but they’re still waiting for a few players to return to full fitness – and that includes Gabriel Martinelli. The young forward was widely considered to be one of the Gunners’ most exciting stars prior to his injury, and now, he’s gearing up to try and revive that reputation as he pushes for a comeback before the end of the year.

He recently spoke with and spoke about how confident he’s feeling and how excited he is to have a few more Brazilians in the squad after the summer transfer window.

“I’m feeling very well, I’m regaining confidence and I can feel my knee is better,” he said. “After an injury like this you are kind of scared to force the knee again but the past couple of weeks it has been fine and soon I can start training with the ball.

“I think we have an excellent squad and along with Mikel’s forward thinking and winning mentality we can carry on doing well.

“We are playing well and training well, everyone wants to win and we are all giving everything. I believe this season is very promising. We won trophies last season and I believe we can win this season again and also qualify for the Champions League.”

“I’m very happy, it’s good to have players from your country that speak your language,” he said. “I already knew David Luiz and now it is great to meet Willian and Gabi.

“I only just met them but I can already tell they are great guys, we are always laughing and it is a great environment to be in. They are playing well and giving their best too. I think they have a lot to offer to this club on and off the pitch.”

In terms of Arsenal’s attacking options, you have to say that things are looking pretty good right now. There’s a long way to go before they start firing on all cylinders but the options are there for Mikel Arteta to use, and with so much uncertainty in this season’s Premier League, we genuinely don’t believe that it’s unlikely to think Arsenal will finish in the top four – and maybe even higher than that.

If they do, we suspect Martinelli will wind up having a big role to play in getting them there.

What can Martinelli achieve for the Gunners this season?

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