Marcus Rashford is not the answer for Arsenal

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Marcus Rashford is not the answer for Arsenal

Posted on April 11, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The rumours regarding Marcus Rashford’s immediate future have been circulating for a few weeks now, as the 20-year-old weighs up his options regarding where he wants to ply his trade over the next few years of his career. A few pundits have suggested that he moves abroad meanwhile others have suggested he remains at Old Trafford, but one thing remains certain in our mind: he shouldn’t move to the Emirates.

Having just moved out of his teenage years, Marcus Rashford has been able to do something which many United youngsters have tried and failed to do – maintain his consistency after an initially bright start. From his debut all the way through to the present day the England international has been developing brilliantly as United’s star forward for years to come, and yet, Jose Mourinho doesn’t appear to be on board the hype train.

Jose’s uncertainty

The Portuguese boss loves to go against the grain, but at this stage, we can’t find too many logical reasons as to why he doesn’t want to back Rashford 100%. In the majority of Premier League sides outside of Manchester he’d walk into the starting XI, and beyond that, he’d probably be one of their featured names.

Alas, we’re here to talk about Arsenal’s involvement in this, and following the transfer of Danny Welbeck, it’s hardly surprising to see that Arsene Wenger is interested in bringing a disgruntled United striker into the mix.

Wrong focal point

Firstly, this all feels a bit like overkill right from the off. Not only have Arsenal solved their striking issue over the last few months, but they’ve stacked the deck to the point where they need to start focusing on other areas. Aubameyang and Lacazette are proving to be formidable forwards up top for Wenger, and the defensive situation needs to be resolved above all else – closely followed by bringing in a new central midfielder.

Plus, and this is no small point, Marcus Rashford himself shouldn’t be interested in this move. He grew up just a few miles down the road from Old Trafford, and as a hometown boy, he knows more than anyone what it means to play for Manchester United Football Club. Given the trajectory of both teams, it would be a definite step down for him, which could prove to be a career-defining mistake.

Should Marcus Rashford join Arsenal?

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