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Ljungberg reacts to Arsenal’s draw against Norwich – Part 2

Posted on December 02, 2019 by Harry Kettle

On implementing his style on the squad:
I say in the pre-season, in five or six weeks, you can implement how you want to play football. That’s the good thing about pre-season. It’s not what I have and I just try to do small building blocks and try to change things in a slow tempo, so hopefully we can understand it and practice it, but right now we have players who need to recover and we probably only get one and a half (training sessions) again before the next game. That’s football, for me I just try to make it as simple as possible for the players and hopefully we can get better.

On the players having fresh guidance:
I haven’t had a word with the players but for me that’s how it works. I have been here for three months and last year I was the manager of the under-23s and I saw every game for the first team so I have an opinion about how we can play and what players to use. I try to see things like that, everybody has a fair chance and what I see in training and in games is what I will judge them on.

On the defence:

I think when we dominated the game, we had the possession and it wasn’t a big problem. We have problem in transitions, and that’s what I will try to fix. We want to be a club that has possession and hopefully when we have the ball and the opponents don’t they can’t shoot as much.

On this opportunity for him:
I hope the club, where I have been for a long time, knows what I can do and what I can’t do. I’m looking just forward, day-by-day, and I’ve just been very honoured that they have trusted me to do this. I’ll try to help the players as much as I can and that’s how I see it.

On wanting to reach the top four:
[Yes], 100 per cent. People drop points here and there and we drop points, it’s a crazy league at the moment. I hope and think Arsenal can finish in the top four.

On bringing in more coaching staff:
That is something we are working on. When I know and when it’s clear, we’ll let everybody know.

On Pepe being on the bench:
Pepe is a very good player. Like I said, I try to look at what players have done in training and that’s how I judge them.

Where will Arsenal go next under Freddie Ljungberg?

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