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Ljungberg prepares for Standard Liege clash – Part 1

Posted on December 12, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal are preparing to go head to head with Standard Liege in the Europa League tonight, as the Gunners attempt to 100% confirm their place in the last 32 of the competition. It’s going to be a battle, as it has been all season long, but they should still be able to get themselves over the finish line.

Until that point, caretaker manager Freddie Ljungberg has spoken out about the game during his pre-match press conference.

On the injury issues:
Of course, it’s not good. We got one in the warm-up at West Ham and then another full back [got injured] in the game. But it’s just one of those freak things. One is to the head [Granit Xhaka] and one is a shoulder [Kieran Tierney] in a tackle. You can’t do much about it, but of course it puts a strain on the squad. But that’s how it is.

On selecting a young squad:
We have a few injuries and we’ve played a lot of games lately and we have another game again on Sunday. But I think we’ve brought enough, we’ve brought a lot of firepower here and we have some younger players that have as well played earlier in the group stages. It’s not just now, they’ve been playing the whole time so it’s a big game and we’re here to get a good result and we have a lot of respect for the opponent.

On Carlo Ancelotti speculation:
I have been asked these questions a lot since I took this over. I try just to concentrate on my job and that is to try to win football games and to get us to play better football. What the club decides to do or who they choose is totally up to them. I stay totally out of it.

On if he believes he could get the job on a full-time basis:
Again, that’s not a conversation I’ve had with the bosses. My job is to go from day-to-day, game-to-game and try to help this fantastic club. That’s what I try to do and all those decisions are up to the top dogs.

To be continued…

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