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Ljungberg becomes assistant coach

Posted on June 18, 2019 by Harry Kettle

As recently reported by BBC, former Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg is set to be named first team assistant coach to Unai Emery. The popular Swede is widely considered by many to be one of the club’s most successful players from the last 15-20 years, scoring 46 goals in 214 games in the famous red and white strip. He is set to replace Steve Bould who will be taking charge of the under 23s team, after many years of serving as the number two guy in the red half of North London.

The former international played a big role in one of the greatest accomplishments in the history of English football: Arsenal’s Invincibles season. Sure, he has had a few coaching roles since then, but that generation and that era is almost certainly how he is best known – especially amongst Gunners fans themselves.

A strong appointment

This raises a few questions in regards to giving former players these types of roles, but to be perfectly honest, we can’t see or imagine any real kind of issue with it. Freddie is one of the most popular figures in recent memory at the club, sure, but that’s not why he has been given this position.

He has a great mind for the game and when that is the case, it’s almost always rewarded in the manner that it should be rewarded. In this instance, he is being given the opportunity to guide this Arsenal team back to where they belong, and he’ll be doing so alongside one of the most exciting young managers in the game: Unai Emery.

Looking ahead

Nobody knows where things are going to go next for Arsenal, and to be honest, a lot of folks are perfectly fine with that. Their priority seems to be the summer transfer window, which as we all know, provides fans with a constant source of debating topics.

However, instead of a Civil War brewing up within the fan ranks, it seems like the opposite impact is being had. Supporters realise and understand that it is going to be absolutely crucial for Arsenal to get off to a good start in the new season, and as such, they’re getting behind the team. There’s no point in sulking or worrying about what could’ve been, because it’s in the past. All that remains is the future.

How do you feel about Freddie taking on this new role with Arsenal?

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