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Leno opens up about Ljungberg’s impact

Posted on December 11, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal were able to get the win over West Ham United on Monday Night Football against the Hammers, in a game that could quite easily turn their fortunes around. One man who has, for the most part, been able to escape criticism is none other than Bernd Leno. The goalkeeper is clearly excited about the new direction that the club is going in, as the man himself confirmed during an interview after the game.

“From the first day he said he wanted to see laughing faces, to see a good atmosphere,” Leno said. “We had a bad time, we are all human and it is not easy. It was not like we did not try, but it just did not work.

“I do not know what the club is deciding. We only have to focus on now. Freddie is doing a very good job. The team know about his quality and the way they want to play. We want to play with possession, keep the ball and also press very high, and also with transitions.

“At half-time [on Monday] Freddie was talking and analysing. He showed us some situations that we needed to be braver. We did this. It is good feeling, we all missed the feeling. He was calm but in a very straight way.

“It was not like everyone was not trying, but you could feel that we did not play in a free way and he made us more free to play. You could see this more in the second half. After the second and the third goal you could see how we can play with more confidence. This is the real Arsenal.”

Whether or not Freddie can succeed is another matter, but for now, he appears to be on the right track towards success.

Do you believe in Freddie Ljungberg?

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