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Lacazette to Barcelona?

Posted on May 14, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The days have started to tick by in the aftermath of Arsenal’s Premier League season coming to an end, and while the Europa League final is still to come, it’s been interesting to look back and reflect on the campaign. There were highs and there were probably even more lows, but along the way, we’ve been able to pick up on a few really entertaining ‘points’ if you will.

A solid force

The rise of Arsenal’s attacking line-up has been one of them, with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang often receiving all of the plaudits. We can understand why as he wound up being the top goalscorer not only for Arsenal, but also the entire Premier League. He was able to share that honour with Mane and Salah, which is hardly bad company given how well Liverpool have performed this season.

Alas, we also think that Alexandre Lacazette deserves to get more credit than he has been getting in the last few months. Sure, fans understand and appreciate just how good he is, but perhaps not enough. He is just as influential for this team and we’d even argue that while he may not be a better finisher, he certainly works harder for the team from the first minute until the very last.

Try not to panic

Recent rumours have been linking him with a move to Barcelona in the last few days, but at this stage, they are nothing more than rumblings. However, we should hope that this kind of attention is what is required in order to open the eyes of the masses to what this guy is capable of. If he’s drawing the attention of a team like Barca, then there must be a pretty good reason for that.

We don’t really believe that he’s going to leave in the summer, but if offers come in, the Gunners need to do everything within their power to keep him. Why? Because Lacazette and Aubameyang are the best strike partnership in English football, and we consider that to be a fact.

Do you think Lacazette is a better all-around player than Aubameyang?

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