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Lacazette chooses hopeful approach for Arsenal

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Things haven’t quite gone to plan in the first few months of the campaign for Arsenal, and that much is just kind of obvious. We could spend our time pointing fingers at one another within the squad and determining who is at the root of all the issues, but in reality, it’s a core effort and the club needs to realise that if they are serious about moving forward in a progressive way.

The latest player to speak out on the problems at hand is forward Alexandre Lacazette, who has certainly had his own fair share of issues as of late. His injury problems have ensured that he hasn’t been able to play a significant role in the club’s season up to this point, meaning that they’ve been forced to rely heavily on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – even though, in our opinion, they function better as a cohesive unit.

“Obviously we’re not at the top of our game at the moment, but we remain leaders in the Europa League, we’re still in the running in the championship,” Lacazette said. “I think now we just need to work on keeping things calm and moving forward with that.

“We’re working together every day on a constant basis to pick up the slack. The group definitely supports the coach and I’m sure the club does as well.

“We’re a very tight group and we’re doing everything we can to improve.”

This isn’t going to be something that is resolved overnight, and we just hope the squad is as united as Lacazette is making them out to be. Nobody really knows who the leader is in the changing room, because it’s plainly obvious that Unai Emery doesn’t qualify under that description right now.

It’s now or never for Emery, and we’re fascinated to find out what changes are going to be made.

How do you feel about Alexandre Lacazette’s comments?

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