Kroenke set to launch Arsenal bid

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Kroenke set to launch Arsenal bid

Posted on August 07, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Stan Kroenke has bought out Alisher Usmanov, meaning that he now has sole control and ownership of Arsenal Football Club. The overall value is believed to be around £1.8 million, with Kroenke now being the metaphorical judge, jury and executioner in North London – or, at least, one part of North London.

It’s a move that has upset and angered many fans who believe that this pulls them further away from the club that they know and love which, on the face of it, makes a lot of sense. Kroenke has long since been viewed as one of the major problems behind the struggle that the Gunners have experienced over the last few years, with his inability to pull the trigger on sacking Arsene Wenger being a big reason for that.

His main ambition for the club is believed to be wanting them to win the UEFA Champions League, which on the face of it, sounds like a very good thing. However, when you learn that he’s also got a series of other franchises that he owns or at least partly owns across the United States, the question soon becomes whether or not he has the time to properly invest in what Arsenal are trying to do.

Helping to bring in Unai Emery is something that we can all appreciate because the Spaniard really does seem like someone who wants to knuckle down and get the Gunners back where they need to be. Alas, when there’s such a disconnect between the higher-ups and the fans, you have to question when enough is enough.

Kroenke isn’t someone who is just going to walk away, especially given how much money he’s invested into this ‘project’ of his. So when you take a step back and analyse the situation from afar, it soon becomes obvious what the situation is: fans can either take it upon themselves to just sit back and focus on what’s happening on the pitch, and then if things go wrong, they can start asking questions.

Or, they can ask those questions now, and see what comes of it. Unfortunately, over the last few years, we’ve seen that protests and things of that nature don’t really seem to bother Kroenke all too much. As long as he’s able to protect his investments, then everything is all A-okay.

What are your thoughts on Stan Kroenke?

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