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Juventus considering Ramsey

Posted on March 26, 2018 by Veselin Trajkovic

Italian champions Juventus have been heavily linked with Liverpool’s Emre Can whose deal expires this summer, but both parties have clearly stated that no deal has been made as of yet. Juventus are getting restless regarding the transfer, and are said to be considering alternative routes.

According to the Express, Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey, along with Tottenham Hotspur’s Mousa Dembele, is high on the list of potential alternative options. Ramsey has faced a lot of criticism for his performances this season, and a desire for a change of scenery from the Welshman is not impossible to imagine. After all, Juventus offer continuity in Champions League participation, and with them, there is always a decent amount of certainty when it comes to winning trophies, which is, unfortunately, more than can be said of Arsenal at this point.

So, Dembele or Ramsey?

If the Italians are looking for a quality player of traits as similar to those of Emre Can as possible, then Dembele should be their man far ahead of Ramsey. Both these players (Can and Dembele) are extremely physical and more defence-minded, if slightly less mobile. They like to sit deep and will only occasionally make darting runs forward or take a shot from range. Perhaps it could be said that Dembele would even be a slight upgrade on Can as he’s technically more skilled, which enables him to effectively hold on to the ball in midfield while under pressure.

However, should Juventus decide to go for a different type of midfielder altogether, one who moves over the full length of the pitch quickly, boasts a lot of creativity and likes to dart into the box often, with excellent finishing ability, then they might well opt for Ramsey.

The price would certainly play a part in their decision as well, and that might well play into the hands of Arsenal. Both players are contracted to their respective clubs until the summer of 2019, but Ramsey at 27 is three years younger than the Belgian, and that should naturally influence the price. On the other hand, age could exactly be the reason for Juventus to go for Ramsey rather than Dembele, though Italian clubs have certainly been known to go for players over 30.

Be that as it may, Ramsey is an important player for Arsenal and giving him up to anybody without a fight should not be an option.

The Gunners can be backed at 1/3 to win their next Premier League game, at home against Stoke.

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