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Josh Kroenke opens up about Arsenal

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Harry Kettle

There are a million and one different things you could say about the Kroenkes, but after the summer transfer window that Arsenal had, it’s difficult not to praise the family for finally pulling their finger out. As reported by BBC, Josh Kroenke took it upon himself to take part in an interview recently in which he opened up about a series of different topics.

As opposed to trying to break it all down, we’ll allow you to form your own thoughts on what he has to say.

“We knew we wouldn’t have Champions League football and that’s what those type of talents are after. My main message to Vinai [Venkatesham, managing director] and Raul [Sanllehi, head of football] coming back from Baku on the plane and then throughout meetings all day the following day with them and Unai [Emery, head coach], was: ‘Let’s be aggressive and find out what’s possible’.

“These guys went out into the market place and – through their contacts and our fantastic new team behind the scenes – were able to find some talented players who are really excited about playing for Arsenal Football Club.

“I think we had a very strong summer. We addressed certain areas on the pitch for this season and in the years ahead. We had certain age profiles that we were after. Without Champions League football we weren’t exactly sure, but I encouraged our football operations department to be aggressive and when Arsenal Football Club knocks on a player’s door it’s a different knock.

“This summer, even though we weren’t in a position of strength coming out of Baku, I think there were a few people caught off guard that Arsenal Football Club still has the aura that it does. We’re excited to keep pushing that now and into the future.”

“The transfer market is an evolving, living, breathing thing. We identified key targets, worked on those deals and over time we were able to execute them.

“That’s hopefully a sign of encouragement for Arsenal fans that, when we’re out in the market place, you might never know what we’re thinking and you could be surprised by some of the names that come up.

“As for January, I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. We’ve got to evaluate some things in the short term and figure out where we might need to address going forward, so when January does roll around we’re going to be proactive again.”

What are your thoughts on Josh’s comments?

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  1. Bethrand says:

    It is always good to hear the club owner speak in this manner.It goes a long way to show that kroenke is ready push the club forward. The club should be able to spend right so as to compete with other clubs in the field of play.

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