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James Harden hangs out at Arsenal

Posted on July 10, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The power of social media, and the power of branding, allows for partnerships in the world of sports that you would previously never think possible. As posted up by Arsenal on Twitter, a new partnership that seems to have developed recently comes courtesy of Adidas – with Houston Rockets star James Harden heading over to the Emirates in order to have some fun with youngster Reiss Nelson.

One of basketball’s finest

Firstly, we think it’s great that Reiss gets this kind of exposure. Sure, not everyone goes on Twitter and not everyone enjoys these crossovers, but at the end of the day he gets to hang out with one of the NBA’s best players. That doesn’t happen everyday and while it may be a cool experience, it could also open a few doors for him down the road. Perhaps we’re reading a little bit too much into it, but still, it’s kind of fun.

In terms of Harden’s work in the NBA, it often feels like he doesn’t get the kind of recognition that he deserves. He has single-handedly been dragging the Rockets towards the latter stages of the play-offs for a good few years now, but hasn’t quite been able to take that next step towards the NBA Championship.

NBA champ to PL star?

Perhaps at some point in the future, he’ll be able to do so, but make no mistake about it, this guy is a winner. Over in the States, there are teams in different sports and leagues that like to bring people in to motivate their teams. Perhaps that’s what Arsenal need. Someone like Harden could come in and talk about his day to day grind with the players, and what it takes for him to be successful on the court. It sounds a bit played out and perhaps even cliche and corny, but hey, we’ll take all the help we can get.

It also got us thinking about whether or not basketball players would make good footballers. Our first answer would obviously be no purely because they play with their hands as opposed to their feet most of the time, but they do need to have some pretty neat footwork. We’re probably just babbling on for the sake of it at this point but we do find the contrast between the two sports to be pretty fun, all things considered.

Would basketball players make good football players?

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