Jack Wilshere needs to go

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Jack Wilshere needs to go

Posted on May 04, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Last night, Arsenal Football Club crashed out of the Europa League at the hands of Atletico Madrid. Some will call that a disappointment whereas others will call that a blessing in disguise because it highlights why Arsene Wenger needs to leave at the end of the season. Although, to those people, we ask why on earth you wouldn’t want the club to gain a European trophy even after Wenger has announced that he’s going to be departing? It makes no sense.

Anyway, we’re here to talk about Jack Wilshere, and more specifically, something we picked up on during the final stages of Arsenal’s loss to Atletico Madrid. Thankfully, Metro also picked up on it, so you can go and see the evidence for yourself before we lay out what we think about the whole scenario.

As you can see, Wilshere is visibly glum after being yanked off in the second half with the Gunners going in search of their all-important away goal. Firstly, why isn’t he desperately trying to urge the team on if he’s so ‘passionate’ about the team, and secondly, does he have any right to be sulking? He needs to put his own frustrations to the side in order to get behind the team, and if you don’t think that’s possible to do from the bench, just go and watch Cristiano Ronaldo in the Euro 2016 final.

The Englishman seemed incredibly undisciplined throughout the course of the game and while many will say that’s just his determination shining through, it almost got him sent off. In terms of his actual gameplay, Jack didn’t really do much in the way of improving Arsenal’s chances. It feels like his time with the club is slowly coming to an end alongside Wenger’s, and to be honest, that may be the best thing for everyone.

Maybe he can go elsewhere and try to make a name for himself, instead of being featured in a setup that clearly isn’t working for him. He can always return to Arsenal somewhere down the line, but for now, the complications surrounding his contract are too much of a distraction. They need to pull off the band-aid and sort this thing out like adults, as opposed to dragging it out over the summer.

Big players step up when it matters the most, and Jack Wilshere didn’t do that last night no matter how many different ways you spin it.

Should Jack Wilshere leave Arsenal?

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