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Iwobi: I’m still growing

Posted on February 08, 2019 by Harry Kettle

I would say each day I’m still growing and still learning, but negatives, obviously they’re always going to criticise me for my goals and assists, which I need to add to my game if I want to be compared with the people I’m playing with.

“The main thing is just to remain calm. We’ve even been doing some mental work to remain calm under pressure and calm when I’m on the pitch, and this is something I’ve been working on, not just in football but also off the pitch as well.”

Which one is it?

Those are the words of Alex Iwobi, who recently opened up during a piece with Arsenal’s official website. It’s not exactly a secret that the 22 year old has had some tough times this season, but they’ve also gone alongside some pretty impressive appearances. He’s one of those players that just can’t seem to lock consistency down for an extended period of time, and that’s often caused frustration amongst Arsenal supporters.

We can kind of understand the logic behind that, mainly because the nature of the beautiful game means everything has to be a little bit ‘go go go’. Unfortunately, the development of a young player isn’t quite as simple as that. Iwobi needs time to embed himself into the system, and let’s be honest, it’s much more difficult for him to do that when he isn’t considered to be a key member of the first team.

Making a statement

Perhaps he should be taking that chip on his shoulder and putting it to good use, but that all depends on your perspective on the matter. When used sporadically it’s no exaggeration to suggest that the Nigerian international can do some great things for the club, but Arsenal need someone who is going to produce the goods consistently from the first minute until the very last.

Some have suggested that a loan spell could do him the world of good, as it’d allow for him to step back and really analyse what he needs to be doing differently. We think that’d be a pretty good idea, but we’d want him to return to the Emirates at the very start of the summer. That way, he’ll have a full pre-season of getting back into the flow of things.

Do you think Alex Iwobi is underrated, or do you think the criticisms thrown in his direction are justified?

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