Is Arteta still a good idea one day?

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Is Arteta still a good idea one day?

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The curtain has come down on Arsenal’s 2017/18 campaign, and with it, the curtain has also come down on Arsene Wenger’s tenure as manager. By this point, we all know that Unai Emery is the man who will succeed the Frenchman as he attempts to guide Arsenal back to the top of the Premier League. However, for a while, it seemed as if former Gunners midfielder Mikel Arteta was destined to make the position his first official role in management.

Many fans were split down the middle regarding whether or not it was a good idea, although even more supporters were voicing their outrage at this even being a possibility. Either way, they probably wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it, and now, they don’t even need to think about it happening with former PSG boss Emery being the ‘chosen one’ so to speak.

But if we rewind back to the moment when we all thought Arteta was going to be the new main man in North London, it’s interesting to consider how things would’ve gone. There would’ve been a big adjustment period for him given that it would’ve been his first role in management, but now, the door could be open for him to test the waters again in the future.

Arteta is clearly someone with a great footballing brain, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been positioned alongside Pep Guardiola for so long. Learning from someone like Pep is a great building block for any manager, and if he’s still interested in breaking away from Manchester City, he could take up a management role abroad for a few years.

That’s where most young managers tend to go to succeed, as opposed to trying his luck in the unforgiving English divisions. There’s no guarantee that he’ll be a world-class manager or even that he’ll be any good, but he does have a background at the Emirates which can’t be ignored, and Arsenal could still capitalise on that if the opportunity presents itself somewhere down the road.

Will Mikel Arteta become Arsenal manager one day?

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