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Ian Wright slams Wenger for not listening to Steve Bould

Posted on November 11, 2014 by Nemanja Lazarevic

Arsenal legend Ian Wright believes that club’s defensive crisis could have been avoided had manager Arsene Wenger accepted advice from his assistant Steve Bould.

The Gunners have been conceding goals for fun this season, leaking five in last two fixtures, and it is team’s defensive frailties that have been one of the main reasons for the poor run of results.

Club legend Ian Wright believes that Wenger has a perfect man who could sort out the shaky defence in Steve Bould, but the Frenchman appears to be disregarding his assistant’s suggestions.

”What is worrying is that Steve Bould is there (and these mistakes are happening),” Wright told BBC Sport.

“I know there are players Steve Bould has recommended to Arsenal that they’ve not taken. That needs to change.”

Steve Bould enjoyed a great deal of success as Arsenal defender, having formed a rock-solid back four together with Tony Adams, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn before returning to the club in 2001 as a youth coach.

After proving his worth in the academy, the 51-year-old was appointed Arsene Wenger’s number two following Pat Rice’s retirement in 2012, and he had a very good early impact, helping the Gunners keep three successive clean sheets at the start of the 2012/2013 season.

Both players and media were full of praise for Bould’s training methods at the time, but The Professor didn’t feel the need to single out his number two and the pair has since endured a tumultuous relationship.

That is probably one of the reasons why Wenger refused to accept advice from Bould regarding the summer signings, meaning there is nobody else to blame but himself for the recent run of results.

The Frenchman doesn’t seem to trust his assistant, as witnessed by the fact that the pair rarely communicates during matches, and this situation is certainly not helping the players at a difficult moment in time.

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  1. Ken 1945 says:

    This is just a lot of hot air. If Steve had this tumultous relationship and was being ignored by Arsene, why is he still there.
    Name the players that were ignored, or get Wrighty to tell and then your article and comments would be taken more seriously don’t you think?
    Wonder if this reply will see the light of day…..

    • Nemanja Lazarevic says:

      Of course your comment has seen light of day Ken. We do appreciate constructive criticism at MyArsenalBlog.

  2. joel says:

    this so call wenger has turned hmself to God in arsenal fc even kronke d highest share holder doesn’t have d power to touch wenger if not so i can’t imagine myself having a company & one crazy animal call hmself arsenal manager dat fail to put d source of revenue in good condition but in jeopady by away trying to contest for 4th place rather than wining trophy to make d fans dat pay huge money to watch matches happy which is one of d bigest revenue generated source bcs a lot of share holders & d board of directors think wenger is performing but i jst want u to note dis down d day arsenal fail to qualify UCL then u will realize what it takes to make fan to be happy always or whether it is fans to be satisfy or asene wenger ur God who didnt work for money brought to d club but jst manage it . has diego simeone spent upto wenger b4 wining LA LIGA has klopp spent upto hm b4 wining bundesliga, toping UCL group & getting to semi & quater final of UCL did morinho spent much to win UCL for porto ? . so pls asenal holders don’t let dis stupid wenger use is past glories disguise u d guy is finished believe me dat he doesnt want to leave asenal for another big clubs dat were looking for hm b4 bcs he knws dat his going to fuck up & he will get sacked. i dont think morinho or gadiola wud take dis much criticism & still remain in such club witout going other club to prove hmself what is capable of but d case isnt like dat for failure specialist infact for ur junior in coaching experience to call u failure specialist & went ahead to engage in fight at stamford bridge & later said sorry is disgrace & a prove dat wenger is a failure specialist . ask me is it posible to call ferguson gadiola simeone acellotti klopp even di mattio failure ? a coach of 2 decade xperience no UCL & capital one cup trophy.

  3. Bernard patrick says:

    Arsene wenger is killing our darling club cos of his ‘itk’ and he knows nothing. He should be sacked if he can not take adviceT

  4. ibrahim fofanah says:

    So many wrong things about afc namely Wenger’s transfer policy, Wenger’s tactics, Wengers reluctance to change and so many ills. As u can see only he and the board don’t realise that because he is their milk cow.When afc fail to qualify for a place in Europe like man u last season then something will certainly giv

  5. George Calvert says:

    Things will only get better when that pig headed stubborn old bastard wenger finally moves on

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