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How will Arsenal approach the Newcastle game?

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal return to Premier League action this weekend when they go head to head with Newcastle United, in a game that intrigues us in more ways than one. The Gunners are riding a two game win streak whereas the Magpies are in desperate need of a big win to get them out of their current slump. Of course, a lot of the focus for them at the moment is based on what’s happening off the pitch, but that’s another story for another day.

Making up for lost time

This is about what Arsenal need to do in order to climb their way further up the table, to ensure that they don’t lose too much ground on the sides above them. In order to do that successfully, this is a game they really should be winning, especially given that they’ve already gotten two of their bigger games from now until Christmas out of the way (Chelsea and Manchester City).

In terms of how they’re going to approach this, though, a lot of fans believe the best course of action will be to just throw everything they’ve got at them early on and see what sticks. It would seem like a logical move given that Newcastle have no real attacking presence to speak of, but as we saw in their famous 4-4 draw game a few years back, going down the route of a slugfest may not always be the smartest way to go.

Stay calm

At the very least, in our mind, the Gunners should be looking for a conservative performance here. Don’t try anything too fancy and don’t panic, working the ball up from midfield. Don’t put too much on the shoulders of the back four when there doesn’t need to be that kind of emphasis, as we’ve seen what they’re ‘capable’ of doing when put in tricky situations.

Many feel as if Newcastle are going to come firing out of the gates but it doesn’t feel like they are now, or have ever been this season, that kind of team. They can string some good pieces of play together but over the course of 90 minutes, if Arsenal aren’t able to secure the victory, then we think that’s enough for questions to start being asked. Oh, and before you ask no, we don’t mean that we’d want to see calls for Emery’s head – that’d be silly.

How will Arsenal play against Newcastle?

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