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How to approach the Napoli game

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Today is the day when the future of Arsenal’s Europa League campaign is decided. The squad have travelled to Naples in order to take on Italian giants Napoli, in the kind of game that they were predicted by many to lose over two legs prior to the 2-0 triumph in the first leg. Of course, we all know that you can never be comfortable as a Gunners fan – especially seeing as this second leg is going to be taking place away from the comfort of the Emirates.

There are a lot of factors and variables that are going to go into this game, and as such, we thought we’d take a look at a few ways in which Arsenal could approach things. We all know that Napoli are going to come at the Gunners hard in search of the two goals they need to pull themselves level on aggregate, but will they be able to execute?

In our opinion, all of that depends on how Arsenal decide to set themselves up.

Sit Back

There’s absolutely no shame in it in our mind, because let’s face it, a semi final place is at stake here. Arsenal are going to semi-park the bus and look to counter Napoli as and when they can, and so they should. This is an incredibly important game, and sometimes, you’ve got to do it the ugly way.

Go For The Kill

Will Arsenal come flying out of the gate in search of a third (and decisive) goal? Maybe. They know that if they take the lead in this game Napoli will have to score four goals in order to qualify, and that kind of incentive is enough for any team to go for it. However, knowing the club like we do, we can see this going very wrong very quickly from a defensive standpoint.

Get Physical

This doesn’t really seem like Arsenal’s style whatsoever, and it’s incredibly risky. The idea is simple: Arsenal try and bully Napoli off the ball, especially in the middle of the park, in order to try and rattle them and cause some disturbance. We all know that could backfire on them dramatically, but it’s worth taking into consideration that this is a possibility.

Do you think Arsenal are capable of actually winning the second leg in Naples, or do you think that the end goal should be to just survive and scrape through to the semi-finals?

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