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How things change with Burnley

Posted on August 13, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The last few years have been incredibly interesting for Arsenal Football Club, although many fans would probably describe it more so as turbulent than interesting. Regardless of which category you fall into, though, there’s no way of getting around the fact that the state of the Premier League has altered pretty dramatically in recent times – even though it may not initially seem like it.

What to expect?

Case in point: a few years ago, Arsenal’s closest rivals towards the end of the season were Burnley. The Clarets had managed to work themselves into a position where, bizarrely enough, finishing above the Gunners didn’t seem all too unrealistic. Sean Dyche had put together a team that was capable of doing some truly remarkable things, and more often than not, they went out there and did it.

However, twelve months on, it was a very different story. Burnley were scratching and clawing in an attempt to pull themselves away from the relegation battle, which was a situation entirely created by their qualification for European competition (depending on who you ask). It just felt like they took their eyes off the ball a little bit, which caused them to get into a rut in the Premier League. In this division, as we all know, that isn’t all too easy to pull yourself out of.

Props are due

Now, this time around, we really don’t know what to expect one way or another. Arsenal started the season with a decent win over Newcastle, whereas Burnley look like they may have gotten back to the Clarets of old with a fantastic win over Southampton. Sure, you can’t base the success or failure of a team off of one game, but you can certainly make some kind of prediction as to what we should expect in the next few months.

This weekend Arsenal will go head to head with Burnley once again, and we’re fascinated to see what is ahead. Burnley are the kind of developing team that can shift their focus from season to season, and that helps to keep clubs like Arsenal on their toes. They aren’t going to be seen as a guaranteed three or six points for anyone anymore, and we really like that dynamic.

Who knows, perhaps they’ll be challenging with the big boys in the top half of the table again – which, given the competition around them, would be a huge statement of intent.

Will Arsenal get the win over Burnley?

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