How Emirates matches up to PL's biggest stadiums - Part 2

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How Emirates matches up to PL’s biggest stadiums – Part 2

Posted on June 12, 2019 by Harry Kettle

City of Manchester Stadium – 55,017

They call it a tinpot ground and while we’d like to give City fans the benefit of the doubt, we just can’t. It feels a little bit soulless there and bizarrely enough, that was also the case before they were even taken over. Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of some sort.

Anfield – 54,074

It’s not in a great area and the stadium itself isn’t all that impressive, but the atmosphere, especially on European nights, makes you forget about all of that. It’s just a really special place to watch a game of football and the only people you’ll find to disagree with that probably spend their days at Old Trafford or Goodison.

St James’ Park – 52,354

It’s a stadium fit for Champions League contenders, but at this moment in time, they can’t even break their way into the Europa League. Newcastle United fans deserve something to shout about and if it doesn’t come soon, we worry the fans are going to keep up the exile.

Villa Park – 42,785

What a stadium. Passionate fans that deserve better is the way we’d describe Aston Villa Football Club right now, and with Villa Park, they’ve got a ground that is more than capable of being considered amongst English football’s finest. Historically speaking that is obviously the case, but we aren’t just talking about that. Even in the modern era it’s one of those stadiums that you’re immediately impressed with in every way, shape and form.

Stamford Bridge – 41,631

The designs for Chelsea’s new ground are a little questionable in our mind, but let’s be honest here, Stamford Bridge isn’t exactly anything special either. You may find yourselves disagreeing with that sentiment and that’s absolutely fine, but we’ve never been blown away when we’ve gone there. Perhaps we just didn’t go on the right day or didn’t go to the right kind of game.

Goodison Park – 39,221

This is a proper, traditional old school ground, that deserves a little bit more respect from the masses. We aren’t suggesting that it’s one of the very best, but given that it’s probably going to be non-existent in the next few years, we should treasure it whilst we still have the chance. It has been home to many of Everton Football Club’s great moments, and that’s a statement in itself.

What do you think is the best stadium in English football?

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