Hector Bellerin is done

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Hector Bellerin is done

Posted on May 04, 2018 by Harry Kettle

At the age of just 23, you’d think that Hector Bellerin would be on the verge of reaching ‘world-class’ status based on the hype surrounding him over the last few years. Instead, the Spaniard seems to be backtracking in the worst way possible and after last night, we believe that he shouldn’t be seen in an Arsenal shirt for a very, very long time.

It can be easy to throw blame at someone for a mistake they made, but Bellerin is supposed to be one of Arsenal’s stand-out stars. In Madrid, he proved himself to be a fraud in more ways than one, and given that he’s already hinted at wanting to depart the club, now seems like the perfect time for him to go. Very few Arsenal fans want to see him turn out in the red & white after his Europa League display, and we can’t say that we blame them. There’s no urgency, no passion, and most importantly, there’s nothing to tell us that he’s improving.

But this isn’t just restricted to Bellerin. Last night, Mesut Ozil put in one of the worst performances of his career – and believe it or not, that’s saying something. It was almost as if these two alone had resigned themselves to the likelihood of Arsenal being knocked out by Atletico, and as such, they didn’t push themselves to the limit as they should’ve.

This is a European semi-final we’re talking about here, and it was also Arsene Wenger’s last chance at salvaging something from his last season with the club. While that may not be a factor for some, it’s truly baffling to see the lack of commitment on display from this first team. The fans who travelled to Spain for the game should be refunded, and half of the funds should come straight out of Hector Bellerin’s back pocket.

If he doesn’t want to be here then that’s fine, but just get it over and done with. We don’t need to drag out these deals for months on end, which always turns out to be one of the most infuriating parts of the transfer window. Let’s not hold onto any memories of things he’s done because it’s all in the past. In the present, Hector Bellerin is not good enough to play for Arsenal Football Club. It’s as simple as that – and Mesut Ozil is very close to being found out, too.

Should Bellerin leave?

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