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Guillem Balague: Arteta is ready

Posted on May 18, 2018 by Veselin Trajkovic

Spanish football expert journalist Guillem Balague spoke on his YouTube channel about the latest developments concerning Mikel Arteta in the light of Arsenal’s managerial pursuit.

First of all, he claims he has learned that some of the names spoken in public as potential candidates for the job had been given out to turn the attention away from the real target, while some did not get the approval of everybody included in the manager recruitment process.

The likes of Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira are not yet considered to be ready for the job. Apart from that, Vieira has a hope of his own, outside of Arsenal. He believes the recent contract extension between Pep Guardiola and Manchester City is meant to give him more time to learn the job – before eventually replacing the Catalan at the Etihad.

Luis Enrique, apart from asking for a large salary, has been repelled by the transfer budget limit for this summer which stands at a meagre £50million plus whatever the club gets from player sales.

As for Arteta, Balague believes the former captain is ready. He rejects the notion that experience is such an important factor here, believing that the two years spent at Manchester City alongside Guardiola is a big thing. Arteta understands Guardiola’s philosophy, the one that got him to win the Premier League title convincingly this season. Not only that he understands it, but he also agrees with it from his own point of view.

Balague also thinks the squad is full of very good players and the new manager will have to find a way of getting them to fight on the pitch. He says most of them have become too comfortable at Arsenal, and one of the first things Arteta (or anybody else appointed) will have to do is make life uncomfortable for them.

In the end, the Spaniard adds that the fans should perhaps envision the situation from Arteta’s own point of view. He himself believes he is ready. He has no experience at being the No. 1 in the dugout, but he feels he can do the job, and do it well. But one thing he needs in order to succeed is support.

If he is chosen, he will need the Arsenal faithful to stand with him.

Balague expects the final decision to be made over the weekend, on Monday the latest.

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