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Guendouzi reacts to Arsenal vs Crystal Palace

Posted on October 28, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Arsenal knew they were in for a tough game yesterday, but they probably didn’t expect to have quite so many issues throughout the pitch. One man who had a less than stellar day was Matteo Guendouzi, who seems to still be finding his feet as an Arsenal player. In the wake of the result, the man himself gave his thoughts on what transpired and why he decided to take Wilfried Zaha down when he did.

On settling for the point:
We really wanted to win the game so we attacked a lot towards the end to get the third goal. We allowed spaces [for Palace on the break] but it’s because we really wanted to win.

On letting a lead go:
It’s not a mental issue. We didn’t manage to hold our advantage. We knew they were a good team, with individual quality, and they played well for their goals. Zaha did well to get a penalty. It’s down to us to work so we win these kinds of matches after taking the lead.

On VAR’s impact:
I’m not sure what happened on our disallowed goal. It’s like last Monday at Sheffield [United]. The ref didn’t check with VAR then on Sokratis and Saka. This time he checks and it goes against us. I haven’t seen it again yet but we lose two points because of that today and a point at Sheffield too.

On Lacazette’s return:
Lacazette is back and it’s a big boost for us. There are not many players like him. He brought us a lot today and he will be key for us in this competition.

On his yellow card:
I had to foul Zaha at the end, otherwise he is through on goal on his own. I’m the last defender but I’m far from our goal as well. I had to do it.

Guendouzi is going to learn an awful lot about himself over the course of the next few months, and even that might be an understatement. The young Frenchman was tipped to be one of the Premier League’s best new midfielders upon arriving at the Emirates, and there are plenty of Arsenal supporters that just aren’t willing to give up on that just yet. It’s going to take an almighty effort for them to finish in the top four, but if it’s going to happen, then Guendouzi is going to play a huge role one way or another.

Will Guendouzi come good this season?

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