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Good luck, Lucas!

Posted on June 16, 2019 by Harry Kettle

With domestic football being on pause for the next few months, that gives us the opportunity to take in a series of other high profile competitions and tournaments – mainly, on the international stage. One tournament that we’re really intrigued by is Copa America, which has actually already commenced. As most of us know it pits some of the biggest and best clubs in the Americas against one another, and occasionally, a few invites are sent out to nations from around the world.

Smarten up and go for it

But beyond all of that, we want to focus on one man and one man only: Lucas Torreira. The young midfielder is going to be aiming to lead Uruguay to the championship glory this summer, and he’ll be doing so off the back of an unbalanced season with Arsenal.

By unbalanced, we mean that, essentially, things were a bit inconsistent for him. He started off really well with many dubbing him as one of the best midfielders in the league, whereas others felt like he still had a long way to go. After a quieter second half of the campaign, a lot of neutrals and media members are ready and willing to write him off entirely. We, however, don’t really feel like that’s all too fair.

Get the job done

Torreira has more potential than the majority of high level players currently residing in the Premier League, and that much is just a fact. The guy just seems to get ‘it’, and we aren’t even sure what ‘it’ is. As the weeks and months go on in the build up to the new season, he needs to find a way to regain some of the momentum that he has lost: and a great place to start is going to be Copa America.

Uruguay aren’t exactly considered to be amongst the favorites, but the dark horse tag has worked wonders for them in the past. If they’re able to neutralise their opponents in the kind of manner we’ve seen from them in the past, then they could be on their way to something special. Torreira could easily be a really big part of that, and if he can put in a strong showing, it’ll be great for his confidence as Unai Emery’s side attempt to make their way back into the Champions League.

Are you going to tune in and watch Copa America during the summer?

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