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Focus or failure

Posted on September 14, 2018 by Harry Kettle

There are plenty of mysteries that have gone unsolved over the course of history, but there’s one that continues to persist: why do Arsenal have such bad defensive issues? People will write stories and tell tales of this phenomenon for years and years to come, and yet, we still find ourselves questioning why that is. The Gunners have failed to keep a clean sheet through the first four games of their Premier League campaign this season, conceding eight goals in the process aka an average of two per game.


Even in their victories, it seemed as if the back four were still incredibly worried and concerned about their decision making from the first minute until the very last. There just doesn’t appear to be any kind of communication between the middle of the park and the defence, which is something they desperately need to rectify if they want to be considered one of the best teams in English football once again.

In terms of figuring it all out, though, it feels like there are two logical and possible solutions above all others – either they aren’t focused enough, or they’ve just failed to gel up to this point. Unai Emery wasted no time in trying to fix this problem in the summer transfer window and as such, brought in a handful of new faces. Sometimes, when this happens, it’ll take a few weeks or maybe even months for things to settle down.

Simple mistakes

That may not be a ‘failure’ per say in the traditional sense, but you do always hope for an immediate impact as opposed to us making excuses for them. With five of their eight conceded goals coming against City and Chelsea it also doesn’t bode well for their future games against bigger sides, who are equally as devastating when going forward.

Still, though, it could be the first option, and this may just be an issue of focusing throughout the course of 90 minutes. That sounds ridiculous because it’s one of the first things that a defender should prioritise, but sometimes you can switch off without even realising it. Again, these are problems that can’t afford to be made at this level, and someone needs to drill a new type of mentality into the back line. The midfielders and forwards seem to be firing on all cylinders, and they need to keep up.

What is Arsenal’s biggest defensive problem?

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