Fabinho - bad sign?

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Fabinho – bad sign?

Posted on May 29, 2018 by Harry Kettle

The 24-year-old sensation that is Fabinho made the headlines last night after it was confirmed that he’d be signing with Liverpool, just days after they lost the UEFA Champions League Final in Kiev. However, as reported by Sky Sports, it seems like there was another club in the running to land his signature at the eleventh hour: Arsenal.

The signing is a huge sign of intent from the Reds, especially given that they’ve moved so quickly in the wake of such a devastating defeat. It’s already starting to seem like they’re going to bounce back and learn from their loss to Real Madrid, which isn’t necessarily how most teams would react to a defeat in the UCL final.

But anyway, we’re here to talk about the Gunners and the fact that they attempted to swoop in with a late bid for Fabinho. While some may see that as a positive step forward, given that Unai Emery clearly wants to step up the club’s attempts to land big players, it all seems a bit rushed – as if it wasn’t thought out all too well.

Emery supposedly tried to sign Fabinho when he was PSG manager, and it seems as if he took it upon himself to try and hijack Liverpool’s deal. While we like that he’s getting stuck in, we don’t want it to be like he’s just gone on Football Manager and spammed the ‘make an offer’ button on all the players he can find. Fabinho would’ve been a great addition for the Gunners, but if Emery wants to make some moves before the World Cup, he needs to be more tactical about it.

Nobody really knows what the future holds for Arsenal Football Club, and Unai Emery in particular, but perhaps thinking about things a little bit more would be the best possible decision.

What do you think about Unai Emery going for Fabinho?

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