Everton want Welbeck

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Everton want Welbeck

Posted on July 18, 2018 by Harry Kettle

According to the rumour mill, Everton Football Club are interested in acquiring the services of Danny Welbeck. The Englishman has certainly had an interesting journey throughout the course of his career after initially being positioned as the next big thing for Manchester United, only for things to not quite work out that way. Instead, he made the switch to Arsenal where he currently resides, and it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Unai Emery considers him to be a priority.

We’ve already seen and heard that the Spaniard is willing to give some of the Brits who have been at the club for a while a chance, with Aaron Ramsey and Calum Chambers being offered new and improved roles – while Jack Wilshere, as we know, has now moved on to West Ham United. It’ll be a real indication of where Emery believes his squad is at and what he believes their capable of, and let’s face it, if he does move on, it’s not exactly going to be a Greek tragedy for many Gunners supporters.

Welbeck has always been someone who has had quite an understated role in the majority of teams he’s played in, which has led to him being grossly underrated, which is a shame. With that being said it’s not hard to see that a lot of Arsenal fans prefer the setup with Lacazette & Aubameyang, and we can’t exactly say that we blame them.

But, still, there’s a reason why Danny was able to force his way into the England squad for the World Cup and while he may not have played any real role in their run to the semi-finals, simply being selected should showcase what he brings to the table.

Everton aren’t shy when it comes to going after players from the clubs above, and even players for Arsenal themselves. They’ve also brought in Theo Walcott in the last year or so and while he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, he does seem to be a little bit more comfortable at Goodison Park than he would’ve been if he’d have continued on in North London.

Having a good squad depth is going to be key but you have to question whether or not Welbeck just wants to fall in line again because let’s face it, he’s already experienced that with United and England.

Should Arsenal keep hold of Danny Welbeck?

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