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Europa League priority?

Posted on February 19, 2020 by Harry Kettle

The amusing part about getting into Europe is that the primary focus, more often than not, then switches towards trying to achieve qualification the very next season. Football should be all about living in the moment and for large periods of this campaign, many Arsenal supporters have already started talking about the future under Mikel Arteta.

The next step

While we also think the future is going to be bright if Arteta is able to implement his style at the Emirates, that doesn’t really matter at this moment in time. What does matter is the season we’re currently in the midst of and the progress Arsenal are making on all fronts.

The Carabao Cup has been and gone so that isn’t exactly something that needs to be given all too much focus, but in the FA Cup, Arsenal are in a pretty decent position as they look ahead to their fifth round showdown with Portsmouth. Still, while it’d be nice for Arteta to get a piece of silverware under his belt in a competition he won multiple times during his playing days with Arsenal, it’s not the sort of competition that is going to get you back into the Champions League.

The big, bad Europa

While we may be going against the original point in our first paragraph ever so slightly, trust us, that’s not our intention. The intention here is to showcase just how much of a golden opportunity Arsenal have to make another at the Europa League if they so desire. Many Gunners fans sucked and sighed at the start of the season when they realised that Europa League football was upon them yet again, and we completely understand why. They were beaten down in the final last year, lost in the semis in 2018 and still have a long way to go before they can start dreaming about Gdansk this time around.

Alas, Arsenal have proven that they’re capable of beating teams handily in the Europa before, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe they can’t do the exact same thing again. We honestly believe that this is going to be positioned as the priority by Arteta without him making it all too obvious, with the Premier League being used as more of a test run for next season than anything else. That isn’t even necessarily a bad thing, either.

How important is European football to Arsenal this season?

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