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Enjoy the day, Gunners

Posted on April 18, 2019 by Harry Kettle

There are probably quite a few reasons for fans to be nervous heading into the game tonight, because there’s a lot at stake. At this moment in time Arsenal currently have two potential avenues back into the Champions League, and while you may think we sound like a broken record by bringing that up, let’s face it, that is the end goal here. All of the build-up and hype up to this point has been to get the Gunners back into Europe’s top club competition, and they’re so close now.

So close

All they need to do is execute, and once they get into the rhythm of the game, they should be just fine. One of the points that has been well documented by this point is that Arsenal will face either Villarreal or Valencia in the semi finals if they get there, and if you look at how well Benfica have been playing, that’s probably the best possible outcome for them.

Aside from all of the permutations, though, we want to talk about the day itself. There are thousands of Arsenal fans who have probably taken time off work in order to make the trip over to Italy today, and with it being a bank holiday weekend, we can only imagine that many of them are going to be staying for a while. In terms of today, however, there’s one simple message that we want to get across to the travelling faithful.

Be safe, and enjoy yourself.

Making strides

Yes, Arsenal may be in a position where they play in European competition every single year, but that doesn’t mean fans shouldn’t be able to enjoy the little things about the trip. European away days are unlike any other kind of experience, and with a place in the semi-finals of the Europa League being at stake, it feels like a lot of supporters will use this trip as a way to hype themselves up for a potential trophy at the conclusion of the current campaign.

Of course, we all know about the troubles that English fans have experienced over there in the past, so we want to reiterate that Arsenal fans should try and take it easy today. Have a few beers, sample the local food and enjoy yourselves, but try not to get yourselves into any situations that could cause harm.

Do we sound like your parents right now?

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