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Emery’s thoughts on the Watford draw – Part 1

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Harry Kettle

In the wake of Arsenal’s draw with Watford, as reported by Arsenal.com, manager Unai Emery had some thoughts on what went down in the game. While some will call his comments ‘excuses’ and others will generally find ways to criticise him, it’s important to have this kind of clarity between fans and the gaffer.

Obviously, you didn’t need us to tell you that, but we still remain hopeful for Emery’s future at the club.

on the result…
We can be frustrated after two-nil, usually you can control that result in the second half, more than less. But we were speaking in the dressing room, the second half was going to be also difficult because they were usually changing their idea to push more than us. But our game plan was the same, like at the beginning, to break their pressing if they decided to do that and if we break that pressing we can connect with our midfielders, with our team’s players and after have space to continue imposing our game plan. But really frustrated, because second half we couldn’t do that. We couldn’t control the match and we couldn’t break their pressing, first because they are a good team, they played last year here with that spirit, that capacity and they are physically strong. They have good players and in the second half they showed that. They deserved that result. We struggled more than we wanted and we were speaking also that we need calm for achieve our moment to get in the box and score. We did that less than we wanted and really, my summary is we need to work and we need to improve things.

on if Watford showed more desire than his team…
But really, first is because they pushed and they controlled the match with their pressing, taking confidence and giving us some mistakes and scoring the first goal gave them confidence for continuing that. That moment is when we needed to have calm and again control like in the first half, but we couldn’t do.

on if it’s down to a lack of character or a lack of courage…
We have some young players, they need to have experiences like today. And also, I say to Matteo, Matteo is a very good player, he is improving, he is young, he is very emotional, he has personality and sometimes needs to make some mistakes to improve. In the first half he made a mistake and didn’t score. In the second half we continued trying because we need to do that work and that is my responsibility because also when we can change and have a second plan – it’s doing long balls and the second action – they were very strong and we didn’t earn balls in that planning also. The key was to impose and we are going to work for have and make better our build up with the goalkeeper, with the defenders and the midfielders and also, being well when we are doing long balls for breaking their lines with long ball for taking more chances. Because we tried and we didn’t have also chances with that second plan.

To be continued…

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