Emery & Mustafi talk to the media before Frankfurt - Part 2

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Emery & Mustafi talk to the media before Frankfurt – Part 2

Posted on November 28, 2019 by Harry Kettle

On Frankfurt’s style of play:
SM: Frankfurt is a team with a coach who has a very good identity. You can tell their idea of the game and how they want to play. Nothing is random, they’re very coordinated. Even if you know how they play, you can’t always anticipate it as a defender. If you anticipate their attacking moves, you may open up different spaces for them to capitalise on. It’s a team with attacking strengths so you have to be focused for 90 minutes. They don’t hog possession without gaining any space. They’re very organised on the ball and want to get it back as soon as possible. It’s hard to play against teams like these. It’s not easy.

On the importance of the Frankfurt game:

UE: Good afternoon. We have two objectives tomorrow. One is in the Europa League and we are doing a very good job in this competition but tomorrow we need to make sure of first position in the table and our second objective is to win and take confidence, as well as content with our supporters, as well as our capacity and our quality.

On speculation over his future:
UE: My future is today and tomorrow.

On reassurances over his job:

UE: My job is to prepare for the match tomorrow and only look at the match tomorrow, to show the best performance for the team. We are playing at home with our supporters so we want to transmit our energy, our game plan and everything we work on here at the training ground. Those are my only thoughts.

On this being his most difficult time as a manager:

UE: As a coach, each moment in my career is difficult. It’s a very good job, but it’s very hard. When you are winning, you feel the support from everybody, but when you’re not winning like in the last matches, you have some doubters. Really, I believe in us, the players, the group. I know I am going to work very hard to come back with this performance and take the confidence we need now. Each match is a very good opportunity The good and bad moments come and go, but the most important thing for me is to show my work and our capacity. Each match is a good opportunity to do that. Most importantly it’s to connect with the supporters. They need to back and help the players tomorrow in each moment. Our confidence depends on how we can feel in our stadium with our supporters. The teams are coming here and playing fearless against us. This is the first thing we need to change. We need to change it and we need to be strong and we need to be together. I know we need to show our supporters our capacity and our skills. I know we’re not really showing that skill and performance 100 per cent with the players, but tomorrow we have a very good opportunity and we are going to try to change that. We were speaking about how we can improve and how we can change that and the first way of changing that is by being more compact. Then being confident we can show our skills, our quality. In the last matches, we’ve had tactical issues and we need to do better.

Will Arsenal get the win over the German side?

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