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Edu wants patience from Arsenal fans

Posted on July 20, 2019 by Harry Kettle

Edu, or Edu Gaspar as he’s better known, played for Arsenal for four years between 2001 and 2005. He was a decent player back in the day, but in the wake of his playing years, he seems to have carved out a pretty successful second career for himself in the world of football. At this moment in time, he is currently known for being the technical director of Arsenal Football Club – which isn’t a bad job title to have at the age of just 41.

Making a statement

Now, though, as reported by The Telegraph, he’s having to defend both himself and the club a lot more as we negotiate our way through the summer transfer window. Some fans feel like the business that is being done is good, whereas others believe there are areas in which it can be improved: but either way, there’s a divide in play.

As such, Edu has put out a request of sorts for fans to be patient as we look ahead to the new domestic campaign. Whether or not it’ll work is a different matter altogether, but at the very least, he’s giving it a shot.

“I remember we were winning a lot of things, our team was really strong and there were big names around, but the mentality of the group, the guys around, the staff, was so great,” Edu said.

“In the dressing room, in the day by day, it’s not easy to make it [this atmosphere]. There are so many personalities, so many good players, everybody sometimes has their own vision.

Let them know

“I remember times when we were having discussions in the dressing room but in the end, when you closed the door, you could see that everybody was pushing for the same direction.”

“We have to understand the fans,” said Edu when asked about the current issues at the club. “We have to understand that. But they have to understand us as well. Because we have a philosophy.

“The club is changing a lot. Before I signed up to be technical director, I saw many changes now Arsene left. The structure of the club changes a lot. So that’s a process, sometimes we need time. I understand that time is going against us but we have to be aware of that. But in the end, we are going to give them some good things, I am sure.”

Do you think Edu can help to turn Arsenal’s fortunes around next season?

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