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Don’t look back in anger

Posted on February 06, 2019 by Harry Kettle

The January transfer window has officially closed for another year, and while that’s been the case for a few days, there’s a reason why we’re bringing this up now. The reason? Because Arsenal fans can’t seem to stop talking about it. While the club may have secured the signing of Denis Suarez from Barcelona, you’d think that the Gunners hadn’t made any significant moves whatsoever based on how the fans have been talking.

Keeping it real

The negativity surrounding the club at the moment seems to stem back to the Wenger days, and without sounding too much like a therapist, it’s as if old wounds have somehow been opened. We understand that might seem a little bit demeaning in the eyes of many, but consider the behaviour patterns. Despite the fact Unai Emery created a much better atmosphere at the club in the first half of the campaign than Wenger ever could, the doubters are still out in force. Why?

Because there hasn’t been much movement in the window. Look, we can somewhat understand the logic behind that, but it still doesn’t mean we’re in favour of this ‘world is crumbling around us’ ideology. There’s still a lot of work to be done and that was always going to be the case this season. Fans shouldn’t look back in anger, because instead, they should look to the future in hope of what is to come.

Thinking ahead

You’d think we wouldn’t have to talk like this, but as we said, it’s as if the signing of Suarez has slipped out of the mind of many supporters. That’s not really an acceptable way of thinking about things in our book, because he hasn’t even been given a substantial chance to make any kind of real ‘change’ at the Emirates.

We aren’t suggesting that one player is going to lead to Arsenal going unbeaten for the remainder of the season, but what we are saying is that there will (hopefully) be plenty more transfer windows to look forward to under Emery. Just because this one wasn’t perfect doesn’t mean we should be throwing our toys out of the pram, and it also doesn’t mean we should forget about what he accomplished during the summer.

Are you angry about Arsenal’s January transfer window?

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