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Does Mustafi need to go?

Posted on January 23, 2020 by Harry Kettle

Pointing fingers has always been a popular thing for people to do in this game, because it’s often much easier than accepting any of the blame. However, in certain instances, the finger pointing is more than worth it – especially when it comes to Shkodran Mustafi.

The controversial defender was back in the starting XI for the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, with the hope being that he would be able to rise above the criticisms he’s been receiving as of late by putting in a decent shift. If you watched his second half performance and nothing else, then you could argue that he had a good game. Aside from that, though, there wasn’t really all too much to scream and about, unless you were doing so in frustration.

A bizarre situation

Mustafi’s poor back pass to Bernd Leno in the first half not only led to Chelsea eventually scoring from the penalty spot, but it also forced his defensive partner David Luiz into a position where he needed to try and clean up his mess. He failed, and subsequently, Luiz was given a red card. While he deserved it, he wouldn’t have even had to be in a position like that if it wasn’t for the incompetence of Mustafi.

We aren’t big fans of calling players out but we do feel like there needs to be a discussion regarding his future at the club. Many people read his feature piece last week where he, essentially, poured his heart out and spoke about how the fan reaction to some of his mistakes both helped him grow and impacted him in a big way. While he may be passionate about wanting to keep his head up and go again for the club, there aren’t all too many fans who would say no to selling him at this stage.

Finding the answers

Mustafi has to do what’s best for him and if it takes until the end of the season for that decision to be made then fine, but he can’t be given the chance to start in too many more Premier League games between now and the end of the campaign.

Still, even with all of that being said, we do believe some fans have gone way too far in how they’ve gone after him, which needs to stop.

Should Mustafi leave Arsenal Football Club?

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