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Crystal Palace vs Arsenal – Preview

Posted on January 11, 2020 by Harry Kettle

It’s time to take another deep dive into the crazy world of the Premier League as Arsenal attempt to start looking ahead to the top six once again, as opposed to behind them given that they are currently situated in 10th place. It’s likely that they aren’t going to go any higher than 9th with a win over Palace unless they absolutely batter them, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Arsenal are nine points off of where they want to be, in fouth, which is where Chelsea find themselves at this moment in time – largely due to their strong start to the season combined with the poor form of the remaining contenders. While that may seem fairly daunting there are still 17 games remaining in the Premier League campaign, and that gives them quite a bit of time to overcome the deficit.

It’s all about taking things one step at a time, though, starting off with their impending clash against the Eagles.

Crystal Palace

The inconsistency of the Eagles has been steadying ever so slightly as time has gone this season, to the point where many believe they could wind up securing a spot in the top half of the table with relative ease. A lot of that will depend on the sort of players they bring in during the January transfer window, because Roy Hodgson won’t want to upset the status quo. They play a very ‘in your face’ sort of style, and the unique nature of that means they need to pick and choose their acquisitions very carefully these days.


Nobody really knows the direction that Mikel Arteta wants to take this team in, but from what we can tell, the outlines seem to be this: fast-paced football, a die-hard attitude, and a never give up mentality. Those are all policies that will certainly be viewed as pleasing by a lot of people, and their back to back wins over Manchester United and Leeds have reassured fans that they’re trending in the right direction. Now, it’s all about handling the pressure that comes with an Arsenal away day in the top flight.


We’d actually be surprised to see Arsenal drop points here because while this is still a work in progress, Arteta recognises how many issues Arsenal have had at Selhurst Park over the years and would’ve worked hard this week to figure out why. We think they’ll cut Palace off at the source in the middle of the park, build up from the back and put in a really strong performance that gets them all three points. Is that us being overly optimistic? There’s a chance, yes.

Will Arsenal get the three points against Crystal Palace?

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