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Chile set to risk Sanchez against Uruguay

Posted on November 14, 2016 by David Nugent

According to, Chile are set to risk Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez against Uruguay in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday night.

The former Barcelona star suffered a tear in his hamstring muscle in training just a few days ago. However, the Chile hierarchy are desperate for Sanchez to feature in the vital game, despite the potential of aggravating the injury.

A ‘suicidal decision’

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger described Chile risking the forward in the game as a ‘suicidal decision’ a few days ago. The French boss is speaking a lot of sense. He usually does on these sorts of issues. Surely it cannot be safe to let Sanchez play just a few days after sustaining a muscle tear.

The injuries severity has not yet be revealed by the Chilean medical staff. However, a tearing of a muscle sounds pretty severe to me, in my limited knowledge of the human body. A big part of Sanchez’s game is his energy and his pace, so if it is a hamstring injury it will be tested to the limit if he plays.

No matter how big the game is for Chile surely they cannot risk the health of the player. Sanchez is the sort of guy who will volunteer to play through the pain barrier. He would probably volunteer to play if his leg was hanging off, so the Chilean medical staff has to be sensible with the management of his injury.

However, they will not be worried about Arsenal’s needs or even the player’s health. They will be willing to risk Sanchez’s fitness, but it will be Arsenal that have to deal with the long-term consequences if he does get injured again.

A key player for Arsenal

Arsenal are well and truly in the race for the Premier League title. Sanchez has played a key role in their challenge so far this season, playing as the lone striker for the past couple of months. He has scored six goals and provided four assists for the team from north London this season.

No doubt he is one of Arsenal’s most important players and would be impossible to replace if he is sidelined for any period of time.

If Sanchez aggravates the injury, then Arsenal could lose him for a vital stretch of the campaign. His absence from the team would do severe damage to the Gunners title bid this season. Gunners fans and staff will be praying that Sanchez comes through Tuesday’s game unscatched.

Should Chile be risking Alexis Sanchez against Uruguay?

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